Guided Education Course

Get hands on training, in the bush, 1 on 1

Zebra’s hunting Adventures offers guided/hunter education courses for between 1-2 clients. The courses are conducted in National Park or State forest. They are the ultimate adventure, with very personal guidance from your instructor and the real chance of taking a trophy animal or meat deer.

You can choose between two camp styles:

Option 1 - Backpack

For the adventurous, the backpack camp offers the ultimate back country hunting experience. You will hike into the Victorian Alpine wilderness and set up a spike camp deep in the heart of Sambar country. This hunt is not for the faint hearted and requires a high level of fitness both physically and mentally. Camping about 5 kilometres from the vehicle requires special camping equipment and food. Food is supplied and some hiking gear can be borrowed but having your own gear is recommended.

Option 2 - Base Camp

The second option requires nothing more than a swag or tent. A full off-road camper trailer is set up as base camp for the duration of the hunt, making for a very comfortable camp, even in foul weather. All food is supplied and meals prepared for you. This hunt is much more accessible to all fitness levels. From base camp we can use the vehicle to travel to hunting areas that match the client’s fitness.

A cold beer, hot meal and camp fire at the end of the day is a great way to reflect on the days experiences. Many times this camp fire chat can be quite informative and most people find this time very valuable.

These hunts are very much a guided hunt, but with the benefit of being taught the how, when, where and why along the way. The intention is to educate hunters to a point where they feel they have enough knowledge to go about it on their own.

You will be required to arrive at my property near Newry in Gippsland Victoria, at your earliest convenience on the day before the hunt. This gives us enough time to go over all your gear and to check your rifle/bow. We will then travel to the hunting area, usually about 2 1/2 hrs. Depending on when we leave, we might have time for an afternoon hunt after we set up camp.

How to Book

Before you book the guided hunting education course, you need to speak to me - please use the booking button below to fill out a booking request form - I'll get back to you as soon as possible

Costs & Info

Hunts are over 5 days Monday - Friday

  • 1 on 1 - $5500 Inc gst
  • 2 on 1 - $7700 Inc gst
  • For larger groups please contact me

Extra days can be booked at a cost of $550 per day.

There are no trophy or additional costs for harvesting an animal. Taxidermy can be arranged at the cost of the client.

There is a 50% min booking fee with balance 5 working days prior to commencement of the hunt. There is a cancellation fee of $1500 if dates can't be rebooked.

2024 Dates

Dates available are:

  • 8-12 April BOOKED
  • 29-3 May BOOKED
  • 20-24 May BOOKED
  • 3-7 June BOOKED
  • 24-28 June BOOKED
  • 1-5 July BOOKED
  • 29 July - 2 August BOOKED
  • 12-16 August BOOKED


When I saw Zeb’s video looking for clients for guided hunts I contacted Zeb as I wanted to book a one on one backpack hunt into the high country. Backpack hunting was a new aspect of Sambar hunting I wanted to get into and after dreaming of doing one for years Zeb’s experience and knowledge of the specifics required was exactly what I needed.

From the moment I contacted Zeb he made it easy, from accomodating me with times, information on required equipment and even so far as asking me the general area I would like to hunt into. We spoke over the phone on many occasions prior to my trip and the whole process was flawless.

Ed, Victoria

The experience of hunting with Zeb was second to none. I can't thank Zeb enough for his leadership, professionalism, dedication, patience and willingness to share his wealth of knowledge and expertise in Sambar hunting.

He's a very genuine, down to earth, easy going sort of bloke and I truly appreciate the opportunity to have hunted with him. He's certainly very capable in the bush making me always feel safe.

For me it was the ultimate hunting experience which I can only ever hope to repeat one day. It was an incredible 3 days of backpack hunting taking a 26" stag.

Glenda Anderson, Victoria

I can highly recommend Zeb as the most professional guide I have hunted with. A huge depth of knowledge from years of experience, genuinely friendly and salt of the earth great bloke to hike and hunt with, enjoyed my time and hunting experience so much will definately be hunting again with him. Zeb helped me in bagging , dressing and carryout of the perfect sambar I had hoped one word, " Fantastic" "Hunting with Zeb was a fantastic experience and I hope to do it again at some point.

You really get to enjoy the full high country Sambar deer hunting experience and he is willing to share his wealth of knowledge, so be sure to think of questions to ask!

What I learnt from Zeb was fine tuning my hunting strategy, finding deer and planning the hunt accordingly. We saw a number of Sambar in the field and glassed up a neat stag too from the across the gully. This was a highlight for me as to watch Sambar without their knowledge is very exciting and we were able to leisurely glass the opposite face, relax, soak up the activity and then decide what we wanted to do.

Zeb is a down to earth, genuine and humble Sambar deer and outdoorsman and I would recommend anyone to organise a hunting adventure with him if they're eager to take their hunting to the next level. Cooks a mean meal too!

Brett Corderoy

Zeb was a wealth of knowledge, experience and a great host. On deer from the onset. It was all about observing and hunting deer in their natural environment.

Do the miles get the smiles was our motto and boy did we get the smiles. Enjoyed every moment. Zeb helped cut, cape and carry out my stag passing on information throughout.

I would highly recommend this experience for anyone from beginner to experienced and will likely do this again in the future.


I've been hunting for about 12 months and although I had shot 1 Sambar, I felt it was more down to luck and I needed to skill up. Watching Zeb online I really enjoyed his genuine personality and his simple way of explaining things, so I booked a few days out with him.

Chatting to him on the way there was great and the learning had already started! I could ask all the questions that have been burning in my mind and he gave me heaps of tips. We went stalking for two days and I learnt so much. We were on Deer a few times but I did not shoot any. In hindsight I think this was the best thing because I could keep learning and observe them.

I went home happy and a few weeks later decided to put my learning into play...and what do you know I shot my second Sambar Hind! I'm going to book another session with Zeb when I can, even if it's just to hang out and hunt with him. Really great guy!

Mark Fermor

I have been hunting Sambar for years in different formats but without someone to tackle a backpacking trip with, a high country solo trip for a first time adventure seemed daunting so I had kept putting it off. Zeb’s knowledge of the area, guiding experience and phenomenal knowledge of Sambar and hunting them made my trip easy and I got exactly what I paid for. My time with Zeb has given me the confidence to take the plunge and do a solo trip.

My trip with Zeb was something I will never forget! I was guided through one of the most iconic Sambar locations in the high country and Zeb was open, honest and shared his experience and knowledge of the area, the Sambar it held and its history freely. Nothing was to hard and his ability to mix or change things up based on prevailing conditions or hi clients needs was amazing. The thing that really made it for me was meeting and spending time with Zeb himself and forming a great friendship doing something I love.

I cannot speak highly enough of the bloke and his enthusiasm for what he does and loves. I still keep in contact with him and I look forward to the next time I can spend some time with him in the bush hunting, having a burger and a beer.

For anyone looking to start out hunting Sambar, advance their knowledge and ability or take the leap into a more niche area of Sambar hunting like backpack hunting then go no further than Zeb and Zebra’s Sambar Hunting Online Course!

James, Maribyrnong VIC