Zeb Jones operates Zebra’s Hunting Adventures, an educational/guided hunting business. Zeb and his wife Jaimee along with their two young sons, Wyatt and Emmett live right on the edge of Sambar country in the Gippsland township of Newry.

His love for the outdoors started at an early age, with his father working in the bush, Zeb spent most of his childhood looking for anything interesting in the forest.

This is where his passion for Sambar deer started. His father, Ed kindled Zeb's early interest in hunting deer, spending every spare minute they had hunting Sambar.

They were not immediately successful and took several years to work out what they were doing wrong. Zeb's drive to learn everything about Sambar drove them to success. This is why he now feels so strongly about educating other hunters.

Zeb has a passion for educating hunters and loves nothing more than seeing others achieve success. Breaking the trend of successful hunters being very secretive, Zeb openly shares his wealth of knowledge with anyone looking to learn the secrets of hunting the undoubtedly most elusive deer species, Sambar. Zeb also runs a very popular YouTube channel called Zebra’s Sambar Hunting Adventures. The channel is full of successful hunts of his own but also of his many successful clients. The content is all self filmed and contains a multitude of tips rarely shared so openly for anyone to see.

With over 25 years of Sambar hunting experience Zeb has been fortunate enough to have harvested dozens of mature Sambar stags. Zeb has also hunted internationally in Alaska and British Columbia, Canada. These experiences have given him a great insight to how professional hunting businesses are run which allows him to model his own business to this standard.

Zeb has also been quite successful hunting multiple other species in Australia, mostly with a bow.

He has taken Chital, Red, Fallow, wild boars, goats and all the smaller feral animals like rabbits and foxes. Hunting with the bow has taught him many valuable skills that the hunter needs to master to become highly successful.

Apart from hunting with the bow he has also hunted with a companion dog. The 10 years spent with his Wirehaired Pointer was another great experience teaching him the art of man and dog hunting as one. If that wasn’t enough he has also successfully taken deer at long range with his 338 Lapua. On the opposite end of this scale he hunted Sambar with a 45/70 taking a few nice stags along the way. Constantly challenging himself he is forever learning new skills to help him become a better hunter.